How To Smoothly Switch To Another Web Hosting Service

If a website is to run smoothly, it needs a good hosting service. Therefore it is important for any webmaster to have a hosting service that is both effective and efficient. But sometimes once your website is up and running, you feel the need for more features and other pertinent things for which you have to switch to another web hosting service. It is crucial that you take care of your interests and understandable if you feel the need to leave the hosting company you have been relying on previously since a hosting service has a lion’s share in any website’s success.

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Although change can be rough and in some cases destructive, it is imperative to change your hosting service should it start affecting the growth of your website. So to ensure that this transition to a new hosting service goes smoothly, read on to find out more about all the important things that you must consider.

Make a plan

From going out shopping to arranging a picnic, we make plans for everything. Some believe in preparing well ahead while others make do and organize as they go along. However for your web hosting service, you need to create a plan that is divided into different stages and consider the different factors that will matter in the transition. Making a plan will help you streamline the transition and allow you to follow a uniform pattern.

Start the search

Before you inform your hosting service about the switch, it is common sense to find eligible companies that you would want to work with. You will need to consider many things when you are looking for a new company. The first thing will be to know whether it will be as compatible as the old one. You wouldn’t want to hire a company that is antagonistic with you and regret your decision. Secondly, you should make a list of things you need that were previously unavailable to you. Remember to plan for the future and select a company this time that will be able to help you when you want to expand your website later.

Keep three considerations in your mind, customer care, security and reliability when you are looking for another hosting service. These three elements are the most common factors that make a hosting service ideal for your website. If any of these things is missing from your potential hosting service, it is best that you ignore it.

Back up everything

You will be switching to another hosting service and it is important that you backup all your data and information carefully. Websites that are used for e-commerce should be extra diligent in this regard since it helps in protecting the crucial customer data that you can accumulate over the years. The backup will include the templates, graphics, HTML files, documents, text files and other relevant files that are needed for your website to function properly. When you switch to a new hosting service you will be able to easily upload data to a new server and start working on your new website.

Point your DNS servers to new service

Now that you are using another hosting service it is a good idea to have your DNS servers point towards the new service. This can be done easily by changing DNS servers on the domain registration interface to point the visitors to the DNS servers found on the new hosting service. This process however takes little time and not many will notice the change easily. Usually it takes two to three days for this to happen but nevertheless it is something that you need to do.

Many webmasters choose their hosting services very carefully since they know the importance of their decision and choices. If you were to choose a company that will make it very hard to switch, at one point you will be hindering your website’s growth. However some hosting services offer upgrades in their services with time so that you don’t leave them at all. Remember when you are switching to a new hosting service the considerations and tips mentioned in this article will come handy so bear them in mind to ensure that the transition is both smooth and coherent.

Derek Lee is a web developer who knows everything that there is to know about web hosting. He talks here about different things that you need to consider when you are shifting to a new web hosting service.

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